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Petsmart Grooming Complaint - PetsMart policies harm pets
Petsmart Grooming Complaint

Petsmart Grooming Complaint


PetsMart policies harm pets

I am extremely upset with Petsmart. I bring my dog, who was healthy, to
the Petsmart for a grooming and a week later she has a severe case of
Kennel Cough. I know that she caught this during the grooming session as
she is an "inside dog" and does not come into contact with other dogs
outside of her grooming. After visiting the Vet and spending $230 on the
visit and treatment, I proceeded to the Princeton Pike Petsmart and
observed the lack of any process or procedure to keep dogs separate or
to follow simple processes for cleaning grooming stations as dogs

I realize that Kennel cough or tracheobronchitis is a highly contagious
and that both viral and bacterial causes of kennel cough can be spread
through the air by infected dogs sneezing and coughing. But it can also
spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and through direct

The groomers at Princeton Pike do not follow simple hygiene rules. They
do not wear sterile gloves or even wash their hands when handling
different dogs. Grooming stations are not beings cleaned with an
anti-bacterial wash between dog changes. While I realize that Petsmart
can not eliminate Kennel Cough, simple steps can be taken to minimize
the spread in your own facilities. Lack of this type of process tells
your customers that you are not professional in your service delivery.
So now, my mature dog is sick and on antibiotics; I am out $230 spent so
far, with an additional Vet visit coming up in 5 days, and Petsmart is
in jeopardy of losing a loyal client and possibly many more.

I have tried to contact PetsMart on multiple occasions but all they do is effectively ignore me. This is not a great company.

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mattk519 says: (8 years ago)
Thank you very much for your input and this opportunity to respond to you.

You are correct that the virus Bordatella can incubate anyplace that there are dogs. But I disagree that Petsmart,"is very careful about disinfecting all cages and bowls. I made it a point to go twice to my local Petsmart store after the incident with my pet and pbserve their so-called sanitary practices. What I observed was grooming stations not being cleaned between different dog visits, no sanitary gloves being worn and workers who do not even wash their hands between different dog grooming sessions.

yes, I understand that "life" happens and I can not protect my dog against all that is bad out there but Petsmart, at least in my area does not practice simple commonsense hygiene.

What is most frustrating is that the management of Petsmart is unresponsive. I gave them ample opportunity to respond to my complaint and they ignored this feedback multiple times.

The preceding may be the big reason that after a short run up their stock is currently in the dumps. They do not take care of their customers

dbtompki says: (8 years ago)
Well really and truely if you read the service card they gave you it says that even though the grooming department only requires proof of rabies vaccine they strongly suggest that your dog be up to date on all shots. The bordetella vaccine was invented to prevent kennel cough. So really you can only blame yourself for not having your pet vaccinated properly and exposing it to other animals.

nobrainer says: (8 years ago)
Any dog could have been in the store or the salon and incubating the bordatella virus. It is impossible to know this. Bordatella is seen at places where dogs congregate, be it dog shows, dog parks or, obviously, kennels. It does not mean that the place is negligent. PetSmart is very careful about disinfecting all cages and bowls but what do you expect them to do for the air? Life is full of risks. Things happen unless you live in a bubble. Get over it and stop smearing PetSmart. You're posting this all over the internet and in fact, you don't have and never will have prrof it was the salon. Could have been anywhere.

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